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Why Choose Us

This is what differentiates us from everyone else:

1. We don't take any money up front. You don't write the first check until your basement is completely framed up.

2. We frame your walls 16 inches on center even though code only requires 24 inches. All crowns on the same side so you won't have wavy walls and trim.

3. We use fire blocking foam on our fire blocking seams even though code doesn't require it. We don't just want to slow the spread of fire, we would rather it get starved from oxygen and go out.

4. All the door casing trim and baseboard trim we use is made of actual wood not MDF, which is just compressed cardboard that will swell up and get destroyed with just a little contact with water.

5. We spray paint the doors and trim for a better finish. This way you don't see brush and roller marks.

6. We don't use nails in the drywall only screws. This way you won't get those ugly nail pops 3 months after we are paid and gone.

7. We install nylon carpet which wears much longer than polyester and is softer than polyester. Also we install 8 lb pad not 6lb which is much more comfortable under the feet. Both 8 lb and 6 lb pad is 1/2 inch thick but 8 lb is denser so you wouldn't know the difference unless you are standing on it, so it is common for a contractor to tell you they are giving you 8lb when it is actually only 6 lb.

8. We wouldn't install anything in your home that we wouldn't put in our home. We never sacrifice quality for profit. We keep the job site clean as well as the area we travel through to get to your basement. We cover any flooring that we have to travel on.

9. We will also do your basement in stages if necessary. The permits are good for one year. Our estimates are line by line costs so you can pick and choose what you would want to hire us for.

We are not the cheapest but I don't think we are the highest either. Our quality of work is the biggest differentiator of all and I believe we are the only company in the area with a 5 star google rating with 69 reviews!  Estimates are free so fill out the contact form on this site or call me Joe Taulbee directly at 937-689-1635 to schedule an estimate.

Areas We Service

  • Dayton, Ohio
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Englewood, Ohio
  • Clayton, Ohio
  • Huber Heights, Ohio
  • Springfield, Ohio
  • West Chester, Ohio
  • Fairfield, Ohio
  • Hamilton, Ohio
  • Centerville, Ohio
  • Miamisburg, Ohio
  • West Carrolton, Ohio
  • Kettering, Ohio
  • Springboro, Ohio
  • Franklin, Ohio
  • Middletown, Ohio
  • Sharonville, Ohio
  • Troy, Ohio
  • Vandalia, Ohio
  • Fairborn, Ohio
  • Beavercreek, Ohio
  • Bellbrook, Ohio
  • Lebanon, Ohio
  • Milford, Ohio
  • Eaton, Ohio
  • Mason, Ohio
  • Oakwood, Ohio
  • Tipp City, Ohio
  • Xenia, Ohio

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