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Good Guy Home Improvements LLC was created in April 2006, named by my wife. I have always loved construction, since the first house I built out of Lincoln Logs when I was about 5 years old. I grew up in a family of Electricians (Grandfather, Great Uncle, Dad, Brother, and Cousin). I worked some in the electrical field around the Dayton area, in GM plants, WPAF base, Chrysler, etc.., but decided to take a different path as a General Contractor and I love it.

We are in our 11th year of business, I couldn’t be happier with the people I have surrounded myself with. Everybody associated with Good Guy Home Improvements is truly a good guy. I am laid back, easy going, very professional and take a lot of pride in not only the quality of work we provide, but the great customer service as well. We are obviously in business to turn a profit, but never at the expense of quality or customer service.

Starting out I was told that this business was going to be to hard to make successful due to the enormous amount of contractors in the area, and declining work, but I found out early on that, as long as you show up, do what you have contracted to do, and do it right, the competition is small.


Areas We Service

  • Dayton, Ohio
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Englewood, Ohio
  • Clayton, Ohio
  • Huber Heights, Ohio
  • Springfield, Ohio
  • West Chester, Ohio
  • Fairfield, Ohio
  • Hamilton, Ohio
  • Centerville, Ohio
  • Miamisburg, Ohio
  • West Carrolton, Ohio
  • Kettering, Ohio
  • Springboro, Ohio
  • Franklin, Ohio
  • Middletown, Ohio
  • Sharonville, Ohio
  • Troy, Ohio
  • Vandalia, Ohio
  • Fairborn, Ohio
  • Beavercreek, Ohio
  • Bellbrook, Ohio
  • Lebanon, Ohio
  • Milford, Ohio
  • Eaton, Ohio
  • Mason, Ohio
  • Oakwood, Ohio
  • Tipp City, Ohio
  • Xenia, Ohio

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