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Interior painting can last many years if done correctly. Make sure the surface is clean and remove any loose paint. I find it best to plug holes with 20 minute drywall mud found at Lowe’s or Home Depot. It comes in a white bag in powder form and you mix it with a little bit of water in a small bucket with a small drywall knife. It only takes 20 minutes to dry and it won’t shrink like the small tubes of spackling, allowing you to completely hide the holes or cracks that were once there.

Higher sheen paints such as semi-gloss or satin should be used in Kitchens and Bathrooms because they wash well and repel water or steam. Flat paints light, in color, hide flaws better than dark colors that have sheen. When choosing two colors on the same color swatch for the same room make sure you choose them a shade or two apart or they will look the same in the room. Picking them a couple of shades apart also will make the opposite color pop out at you. It’s always a good rule of thumb to get samples and apply them to the walls you want to paint because the color swatch might not look the way you want once you apply that paint.

Cover the floors and furniture in the room to be painted. If a drop lands on something you can usually get it off rather easily when working with water based paints, but attend to it as quickly as possible. I find taping things off to be a waste of time but if you aren’t experienced with a brush then you might have to. If you apply tape make sure you press it tightly against the surface to keep paint from getting behind it. Inevitably some paint will make its way behind, so use a wet cloth as soon as possible to remove it. Remove the tape before the paint dries or you might pull some paint off the wall that you worked so hard to get on there.

If you aren’t up to the task of painting and you want it done in a timely manner with straight crisp lines, then you might consider hiring a Painting Contractor. A Painting Contractor will have an experienced crew of painters who can get it done quickly and professionally. It is always a good idea to get several estimates and choose a Painter or Contractor who is an Accredited Better Business Bureau member and has the proper insurance.

My favorite paints to use are Sherwin Williams, Porter, or Behr (found at Home Depot). I hope I’ve given you some useful information, and good luck!

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